“The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy”

A Novel By: J. Winfield Currie

ISBN #978-1-45820-506-3

The 'Beyond' Trilogy“The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy” is an action-adventure, historical fiction novel set in the American South during the Revolutionary War. Currie interweaves the lives of a large cast of characters – some fictitious, some historical – in a powerful saga of courage and passion set in an era rife with conflict, betrayal and lives torn asunder. A ruthless British Green Dragoon Colonel finds himself irresistibly drawn to a Scottish lass captured by his dragoons as a rebel spy and dragged before him for questioning. Unbeknown to him, she is the sister of a rebel militia leader, a fact she must conceal – or face horrendous consequences.

An excerpt from “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy”:

“Never attempt to come between the three of us again. Never! For I have seen, and done, things that would horrify your oh-so-delicate nature, just to protect those two men I love. And I will not dishonor the unique relationship existing between the three of us, by discussing it with you. Be fair warned. Although I am grateful for your shelter, I will stop at nothing to protect my men.”

Currie is confident that readers will connect with the timeless emotions and experiences presented in “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy.” “So much of present day turmoil is encountered throughout: vengeance, deceit, jealousy, arrogance, guilt, agonizing loss, the inevitability of aging and more – just set in a different era,” she explains. “Emotional grief has not changed since the beginning of time.”