The Beyond All Reason SCREENPLAY can be accessed in the HOLLYWOOD PITCH DATABASE.

The novel, Beyond All Reason, is grounded in historical accuracy and crackles with authenticity, its crosscutting of scenes and viewpoints cinematic in style—making it an excellent candidate for being filmed commercially.

Based on Book I of The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy by J. Winfield Currie, the Beyond All Reason SCREENPLAY has all the necessary ingredients to create a cinematic blockbuster. It’s the Revolutionary War Era portrayed with an innovative twist and endless possibilitiesJust access the HOLLYWOOD PITCH DATABASE and let your mind wander freely.


South Carolina, July 1776: shortly after the British were repelled at Fort Moultrie. Between the hot, humid weather and an embarrassing loss, the remaining British troops were foul-humored and eager for vengeance. Enter Kathryn MacLean, who in a moment of innocent curiosity, is unwittingly captured as a rebel spy. Dragged before notorious Colonel Jason Tarrington, she is, in due course, offered a choice: “Live … or die, Madam, which will it be?”

Despite her dire circumstances, Kathryn Cameron MacLean wanted to live. Confident that she could eventually escape Colonel Tarrington, she made him a bold offer, a bargain buying her more time … and Destiny smiled.

As the winds of war began to change, the battlefront of the Revolutionary War moved into the South, and with it—the birth of the ‘Trio’.  Three dynamic individuals—Kathryn MacLean, Colonel Jason Tarrington and Lieutenant Jack Jackson, find themselves drawn together in a unique bond of enduring love, honor and respect.

Feared in battle, their reputation and invincibility widely known, they are the scourge of the South—and Lord Cornwallis’s pride and joy. Kathryn, Jason and Jack are the beginning and end … the heartbeat of TheBeyond’ Trilogy. Fate brought them together, entangling their destinies in a triangle of passion. Bound to one another by a code of ethics akin to the Three Musketeers, they fight for a cause they believe in … and would willingly die for.

Kathryn will don the uniform of the Green Dragoons, giving up all she once held dear, for a man and his obsessive cause. Every time she rides fearlessly onto the battlefield, flanked by the two men she loves beyond all reason, she risks facing her brother and his southern rebel militia. Colonel James MacLean has a score to settle: destroy his sister for her betrayal, as well as Colonel Jason Tarrington—the man who caused her to falter.

And that day does arise—at Guilford Courthouse—when a deeply grieving Lieutenant Jackson must flee the battlefield to fulfill the most difficult promise of his life: save Kathryn and Jason’s little girl, an innocent child considered to be a valuable prize by either side.


Kathryn Cameron MacLean: born in the Carolinas to Scottish immigrants, Kathryn is a bold, adventurous young woman who frequently travels the countryside seeking an elusive ‘something’—other than farm life. Tall for her era, with a mass of unruly blond curls, she is physically strong and prefers to dress as a man: greatcoat, breeches and high boots allowing easy access to her dirk.

Colonel Jason Tarrington: a malicious individual who intentionally joined the British Green Dragoons—the perfect career in which to feed his insatiable need to vent inner furies. Over 6’ tall, his raven-haired, angular good looks belie a sinister side.

Lieutenant Jack Jackson: Tarrington’s aide-de-camp is an unusual man of strength and courage who selflessly puts the needs of others first. Over 6’ tall, with dusty blonde hair and robust good looks, he is known for his quiet, unassuming demeanor.

James Douglas MacLean: Kathryn’s older brother and the local rebel militia leader, a rabid-dog Patriot whose jealousy and irrational anger are all consuming. He has always resented his sister’s freedom to come and go as she pleased—liberties forbidden to him. The only thing they share is a strong family resemblance

The Beyond All Reason Screenplay’s vivid scenes and relatable characters lure the reader/viewer into an enticing world of action, adventure and passion—fashioned in the spirit of The Patriot, Gone with the Wind, and Outlander.

Although Beyond All Reason ends in a cliffhanger, there are two more novels in The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy ready to follow in its footstep.

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