Beyond All Reason … a novel by J. Winfield Currie

Beyond All Reason … a novel by J. Winfield Currie

Beyond All Reason: Book I of The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy

The year is 1776, a time of impassioned fighting in the North, but in the South a period of quiet jubilation following England’s recent failed attempt at taking Charleston, South Carolina. Yet, in spite of a rousing Rebel victory at Fort Moultrie, it is also a time of discontent for many.

Kathryn Cameron MacLean, sister of the Rebel Militia’s Leader, has roamed the Carolina countryside for weeks searching for an elusive something. Having parted on bitter terms with her brother, Jamie, and in no hurry to return to his farm, she heads south on the Charleston Path. Topping a small ridge, she unexpectedly discovers an encampment of British Dragoons. Despite rumors of their presence, she had yet to come into contact with any …until now. Quickly dismounting and moving her mare back out of sight, she crept closer to observe them—allowing curiosity to override good judgement.

Colonel Jason Tarrington and his British Green Dragoons, recently arrived from England, have had little time to adjust to the area. Tarrington’s orders are to control the southern rebels and bring them to heel by any method he deems necessary. Between the humidity, an over abundance of insects, and an embarrassing loss at Fort Moultrie, his fiery temper is out of control.

Roughly dragged before the notorious Colonel Tarrington, Kathryn is interrogated as a rebel spy. If she reveals her secret or refuses to talk … she will die. Needing to buy time until she can find a way to escape, Kathryn makes an age-old offer. One that Tarrington gladly accepts, fully expecting to treat her as he has all other women: use her, break her … then cast her aside.

But theirs is a dangerous game, for both are struggling with tormented pasts that continue to haunt them. She matches his demanding passion … astounding him and catching both unawares. Thus sown the seeds of a callous diversion, in due time will ripen—irrevocably sealing their destinies. Set against the backdrop of the Carolinas in the early months of the Revolutionary War, this epic saga chronicles the journey and passion of two dynamic personalities thrown together by a fickle act of fate.

The journey for both sides will be difficult as Kathryn and her brother choose opposite sides in a devastating war. Distraught by his sister’s betrayal and chafing from humiliation received at her hand, Jamie will accept nothing short of ‘justice’ where she is concerned.

Kathryn and her Colonel are a dynamic couple whose passion for each other and their courageous cause, relentlessly drives them to succeed in a bloody war they will ultimately lose … but can they survive? For theirs is a love … Beyond All Reason.

Main Characters

Colonel Jason Tarrington: Surly, arrogant, and bitter — product of an abusive childhood. Seeking a means to vent inner furies without censure, he joins the British Green Dragoons, his reputation for cruelty widely known. Recently arrived in the Carolinas under orders from King George, he finds the climate and its inhabitants not to his liking.

Lieutenant Jack Jackson: Fleeing a life of ease in England, he joins Colonel Tarrington, a man he both admires and fears. Lieutenant Jackson is a man of strong principles who selflessly embroils himself in a dangerous rush to destiny in an ugly war. Yet, given chance to reconsider, would change nothing, accepting his lot in life head on.

Kathryn Cameron MacLean: Daughter of Scottish immigrants who fled to the southern colonies of America in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden. Seemingly independent and confident, she suffers deep seated insecurities … ghosts from a past filled with hurt and conflict.

James Douglas MacLean: Kathryn’s doting, overbearing older brother. Suffering devastating grief after his wife’s untimely death, he struggles to cope with rearing four small children. The sole burden of consolation falls to Kathryn, who although deeply concerned, wants and demands a life of her own.

Gabriel MacLean: Jamie’s eldest son and Kathryn’s adored nephew. Gabriel loves his feisty, brave aunt and over time comes to understand the difficult choices she has made. For Gabriel will also fall under his father’s derisive scrutiny when he marries a young Cherokee girl.

 As the Revolutionary War spreads south, formerly living characters: General Lord Cornwallis, Major Patrick Ferguson, and Lt.Colonel Banastre Tarleton come to life and seamlessly interact with my fictional characters.

Beyond All Reason is an action/adventure grounded in historical accuracy, as well as a captivating love story with a wealth of both real and fictional personalities seamlessly interwoven throughout. Enjoy full-bodied action and an unexpected ending leaving you wanting more … and there is more: Beyond All OddsBook II of The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy

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J. Winfield Currie: a fresh new voice in historical romance.