“Beyond All Reason” a SCREENPLAY Based on a Novel by J.Winfield Currie

“Beyond All Reason” a SCREENPLAY Based on a Novel by J.Winfield Currie

The Beyond All Reason SCREENPLAY, based on the first novel from The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy by J. Winfield Currie, is listed in the HOLLYWOOD PITCH DATABASE: a must read for producers, directors, actors or other individuals who are relentlessly driven to seek new challenges. In other words—a Visionary.

Could producing and/or directing a Screenplay with an innovative approach to the Revolutionary War Era in the South pique your interest? Beyond All Reason is exactly that, an action/adventure with a unique individuality all its own. This Screenplay’s crosscutting of scenes and viewpoints are cinematic in concept—the perfect challenge for a talented individual with the desire to incorporate a distinguishing approach into a familiar historical event from our past.

Beyond All Reason’s unusual twist is its infamous Trio, scourge of the South and heartbeat of this action/adventure—three dynamic personalities drawn together in a triangle of passion: British Dragoon Colonel Jason Tarrington, Lieutenant Jack Jackson, and Kathryn MacLean, the sister of a Southern Rebel Militia leader.

Since the Beyond All Reason SCREENPLAY is only the first novel in a Trilogy, there is the potential for two more movies to follow. Check it out. This is only the beginning! Visit the HOLLYWOOD PITCH DATABASE.

Passion, Betrayal, and Brutal Conflict set in the South during the Revolutionary War.

For more information: www.jwinfieldcurrie.com