Beyond the Horizon … a novel by J. Winfield Currie

Beyond the Horizon … a novel by J. Winfield Currie

Beyond the Horizon: Book III of The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy

Continue the ongoing saga of Jason and Kathryn Tarrington. From awakening passion in Beyond All Reason to struggling for survival in Beyond All Odds to searching for a new life beckoning from the unknowable wilderness … Beyond the Horizon.

Charleston, South Carolina, early 1782. Although Lord Cornwallis had surrendered at Yorktown, British troops remained in both Charleston and Savannah. American General Nathanael Greene lingered nearby, refusing to leave until a valid signed peace treaty was presented.

Just arrived from England, Kathryn and Jason encounter an atmosphere rife with tension. Although the war may have been declared over, the reality is quite different. To a proud city, still struggling to forget past humiliation suffered under his Lordship, ongoing British presence is a painful reminder; neither have they forgiven Colonel Jason Tarrington … and his wife.

The Tarringtons must not be recognized, for they have a difficult mission to accomplish: rescue Kathryn’s nephew, a former rebel militia officer. Held for several months by British contingencies, and as equally well-known as they, his rescue will be extremely dangerous. Once accomplished, they intend to put the war behind them and begin a new life with their family. But neither side will react well to Gabriel’s rescue … or the fact that the notorious Tarringtons are still alive. For now, Charleston holds only danger. Where can they safely start over? The tentative answer appears to lie in the wilderness … Beyond the Horizon.

For in the vast, pristine forests of the Carolinas, incredible possibilities exist for the taking. Danger constantly lurks and one’s life is often in peril at the hands of devious strangers, former dragoon comrades, even … family. An unexpected opportunity will present itself, one that renews old acquaintances and introduces new ones. In this emotional, action-packed blockbuster there will be shared joys and sorrows as life moves on … coming full circle in a hauntingly memorable ending.

Excerpt from: Beyond the Horizon: Book III … Thwarted Attempt, Chapter VI

This war is not over, Kathryn, despite the fact his Lordship surrendered at Yorktown. It may be another year or more before all the troops return to England.” Observing the spark of excitement flashing in her eyes, Jason drew in a sharp breath, knowing her all too well. It was exactly as he feared. “And which side shall we support this time, my love?” His curt question caught Kathryn off guard.

She opened her mouth to comment but immediately closed it. Regarding him through narrowed eyes, she remained silent, attempting to gauge his mood and formulate an answer.

“Which side, my love?” he pushed more insistently.

“Well, I feel …” she began, hedging slightly.

“And what of your brother, Jamie, and his loyalties?” Jason asked quietly, understanding her dilemma.

Burying her face in her hands, Kathryn shook her head. “I don’t know,” she answered mournfully. His hand cupped her cheek as he moved closer, crouching to capture her full attention. “If, when we settle this situation with Gabriel …” she began.

“Rescuing Gabriel is our first priority, and will be accomplished before any other decisions are made. But once he is safe,” Jason stated firmly, giving her a long look, “I ask you again: which side, my love?”

“At that time, I guess our place must be on …”

“The Rebel’s side,” he answered.

Her eyes met his with unease. “But how will you or I, or even Jack, feel about that abrupt change? Some of our former allies may still be …” Tears of confusion welled in her eyes, an errant teardrop escaping to drift the length of her cheek.

With a tender swipe of his thumb, he captured it. “I intend to take it one step at a time, my Kathryn. I will do what I must: to protect you, first and foremost, our children, our new ‘family’ and Jack. We have come ‘home’ by choice, and we will protect our new home if necessary.” Tilting her chin up, he brushed her lips with a meaningful kiss. “Is that an acceptable answer, my love? For it is the best I can give at the moment.”

At her slight nod he smiled, his eyes capturing hers with answering warmth. “You and I must learn to adapt and become an integral part of our new life, step back from our former existence of constant battles. But do not fret, my Kathryn, our new choices will hold danger and adventure as life always does, especially in these new, young colonies. There will be skirmishes, perhaps even a heated confrontation upon occasion. You will have a chance to become involved.”

And that is exactly what they did … became involved.

Beyond the Horizon is a tale with twists and turns you will never forget. Begin with Book III if you like, it’s a stand-alone novel that just like the others … has the potential of becoming a blockbuster movie, and one of the greatest love stories ever told.

And there is still more to come: A Matter of Destiny, a prequel to Beyond All Reason is in the works.

J. Winfield Currie: a fresh new voice in historical romance