Can’t Help It, I Just Gotta Be Me!

In Junior and Senior High School I tried to be like everyone else. But being overly shy, I was more often considered a snob. Many years have passed since then, and those who have met me find that hard to believe. Quiet and stand-offish is definitely not me!

With increasing visibility from several Book Signings and Speaking Gigs back home in Massachusetts, those familiar with my novels have often asked if I am becoming Kathryn MacLean Tarrington from ‘Beyond All Reason’—or is she actually me? I just smile. Both of us are independent, outspoken, opinionated, and temperamental. You’ll have to be the judge.

I proudly embrace my unique roots. For I was raised on a small working dairy farm back in the 1950’s, and my father was a talented taxidermist. It’s okay to be me, and to choose the ‘path less traveled’ and march to the beat of a different drum. Happiness and contentment come from within, and ‘Kathryn’ is the perfect example. When she finally realizes inner serenity is the true key to happiness, her life begins to fall into place.