I am who I am: Kathryn MacLean Tarrington

A Few Loving Moments …

Early fall brought a dispatch rider from Colonel Cruger’s headquarters. Good to his promise given during their spring visit at Star Redoubt, he had sent their letters on to Jason’s grandmother and Lord Cornwallis. Cruger’s rider was now carrying correspondence from both parties, along with a communique of his own..It was just before supper and Kathryn was helping Gabrielle show off her rapidly improving walking abilities to Lieutenant Jackson. Jack held his arms out encouraging her to come to him. Gleeful shrieks of laughter drew attention to the happy child as she eagerly tottered towards her Uncle Jack with arms spread wide and black, curly hair bouncing. Losing her balance often and landing on her plump little behind, she pushed herself up giggling happily. Then, with feisty determination, began once again, bound she would reach her destination.

Colonel Tarrington joined them at this point, his meeting with the recently arrived dispatch carrier now over. He moved to stand beside his wife, their shoulders touching, quietly watching his daughter with pride; so like his Kathryn. His wife smiled acknowledging him, and turned to watch their daughter’s progress.

Gabrielle, suddenly seeing her father, veered in his direction, her unsteady legs tangling to dump her in a heap at his feet. “Poppa, up, up,” she demanded, her small arms reaching for him.

“Ahh, my poppet.” He gently whipped her up over his head as she giggled and cooed, her tiny hands pulling at his hair as he lowered her to rest in the crook of his arm.

Kathryn smiled, regarding them both warmly.

“Greetings, my colonel.” Her eyes caressed as she moved closer. Gabrielle immediately leaned and clutching a handful of her mother’s hair, giggled impishly.

“This fascination for hair must stop, little one. You are much too strong to tug like that.” With that reproof, she gently uncurled the small fist, releasing the hank of hair pulled from her bun.

As Gabrielle stubbornly reached for her mother’s hair again Kathryn’s eyebrow arched sternly, as she gently but firmly restrained the tiny fist. For a moment the two eyed each other ‘waging a war of wills. Gabrielle finally accepted her mother’s instruction, and pulling her chubby hand free, reached to pat her face before following with a wet kiss.

“Momma,” she cooed.

Kathryn hugged the black, curly-haired head to her shoulder, whispering, “I love you little one.”

When Jason set her down on the grass, she continued pursuit of her original target. Finally reaching Jack and grasping his knee for support, she babbled happily.

Sweeping her onto his lap, he talked softly, calming her exuberance. Cuddling against his chest quietly, she watched the dragoons group together for their evening meal.

“Jack is so good with her, love,” Kathryn commented softly, watching Jackson stroke the child’s unruly curls, her daughter’s hair so very like her own.

Excerpt from ‘Beyond All Reason’: Book I of ‘The Beyond Trilogy’. A new series featuring Kathryn MacLean Tarrington

The Beyond All Reason SCREENPLAY, based on the first novel of The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy is available for production and only the beginning of this captivating saga.


J. Winfield Curriea fresh new voice in historical romance. Adding a revolutionary twist to the Revolutionary War Era.