I am who I am: Kathryn MacLean Tarrington

On To Savannah: Col. Archibald Campbell

As the dragoons reined to a halt at Girardeau’s Plantation, Archibald Campbell watched Colonel Tarrington and his wife approach, their reputation having preceded them. As they walked forward to meet him, Kathryn was equally intrigued by the heavyset Scot, pleased he was on their side for he would be a fearsome adversary.

“Colonel Archibald Campbell, my wife, Kathryn MacLean Tarrington.” Jason proudly introduced her as they shook hands on the front porch of the main house.

Although it had been a long, exhausting trip from Sandy Hook, New Jersey for Campbell and his troops, no one would have realized that to look at the energetic presence of the man. Campbell possessed an unusual vitality and exuberance which carried over to his men, who all looked equally refreshed and ready for battle.

“A Scottish lass,  an excellent choice, Colonel.” He mouthed polite niceties, but Kathryn sensed his reticence as he eyed her uniform.

“Might I make a request, Colonel Campbell?” Kathryn spoke up quietly.

Slightly taken aback by her boldness, he eyed her curiously for a long moment before speaking. “And what might that be, Mrs. Tarrington?” His eyes narrowed slightly, regarding her with interest—an unusual woman to say the least.

“Withhold your judgment of me until after our encounter. I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Her statement was not prideful or arrogant in any way and Campbell took no offense. The determination and courage reflected in her earnest face impressed him. Yes, he had heard of her brother, but he would extend her the benefit of doubt. After all, her husband’s reputation was well known and beyond reproach. Campbell had also heard whispers of their unusual teamwork, their success in skirmishes having earned them grudging respect from such officers as Banastre Tarleton, himself formidable in battle, albeit his means of victory often questionable.

“Agreed, milady,” he replied without hesitation. Taking her hand, he squeezed firmly.

Jason stood close, his palm placed securely against the small of her back, amused to feel the tomahawk’s ever-constant presence.

“Colonel Tarrington.” Campbell turned full attention to Jason. “General Provost is marching up from Florida to meet us. But I have it on good authority that General Howe and Savannah are ours for the taking if we move quickly. I say we do not wait for Provost. How say you?”

A short while later, as they stood beside their horses watching the dragoons take formation, Jason leaned close to his wife. “Be careful, my love,” he said softly. “You have nothing to prove to those of us who already know your abilities and love you. So be careful.”

“Yes, my husband, and you, also.” Flinging herself into the saddle, she nudged Beauty into formation with their dragoons. As Lieutenant Jackson pulled abreast of her she felt his concern, this being their first battle of consequence. She turned to him, smiling, pleased to see confidence and pride reflected in his eyes as he nodded encouragement. But most of all, she sensed his caring.

“Be careful, Jack,” she mouthed as the troops moved out. Yes, she would prove  herself today to those who knew her, as well as those who did not—as yet.

The day’s encounter was fast and furious, the battle quickly over as Howe’s Continentals were caught by surprise and vastly outnumbered. American units retreated rapidly in a fairly organized manner—all, that is, but a division of Georgia militia Kathryn suspected of being under her brother’s command. Jason’s dragoons immediately took chase, successfully cutting them off from the causeway crossing Musgrove Swamp—forcing them to retreat directly into the bug infested quagmire. Pleased with the day’s outcome, Colonel Tarrington ordered his dragoons back to Girardeau’s Plantation to rejoin Archibald Campbell.

Kathryn remained in formation with the dragoons as Jason dismounted to talk with Colonel Campbell. Casting Jack a sidelong glance, she smiled warmly. Returning her smile, he said softly, “I shall no longer worry about you, Kathryn.”

Turning her gaze to Jason, she was surprised to see Colonel Campbell striding in her direction. Being a large man, he did not have far to look up as he stopped beside Beauty, grinning openly. “Glad I am, that I dinna’ judge ye afore the encounter, Mrs. Tarrington. For I would ha’ been mistaken. I ha’ seen men who could not manage themselves as ye ha’ today.” he added, his face breaking into a broader grin.

“Now, why should tha’ surprise me? After all, ye aire a Highland lass. I shall be headin’ North tomorrow, leavin’ you and the colonel to keep these rebels back in the swamps and under control. But tonight let’s ferget all that. Would ye join us fer the evenin’ meal, aye?”

Excerpt from ‘Beyond All Reason’: Book I of ‘The Beyond Trilogy’. A new series featuring Kathryn MacLean Tarrington

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J. Winfield Curriea fresh new voice in historical romance. Adding a revolutionary twist to the Revolutionary War Era.