I am who I am: Kathryn MacLean Tarrington

Anna, Esteemed Cherokee Healer, Arrives in Camp

Within a week, just before dusk one evening, Anna suddenly appeared. She was ushered into the dragoon camp with utmost courtesy, the pickets having been forewarned of her pending arrival, and explicitly instructed as to the proper respect to be afforded this esteemed Cherokee healer.

With Gabrielle tucked in the crook of her arm, Kathryn and her colonel strode from their tent to welcome Anna. Kathryn remained calm, speaking fluent Cherokee, adhering to age-old protocol out of respect for her mentor—only her sparkling green eyes, belying outward control.

Jason studied Anna closely, impressed by this striking woman sitting astride a small, dark pony. She looked to be taller than average, of about middle age. Raven colored hair pulled into two precisely woven plaits hung evenly, one over each shoulder. Wide, identical, silver streaks sweeping back from her temples added an air of distinction. Her skin, creased and tanned from years of living in harmony with the elements, bore the look of aged leather. But her eyes … those piercing jet-black orbs missed nothing. They were alive with a passion for life: curious, discerning, and extremely shrewd. Although making an appearance of talking directly to Kathryn, Anna assessed him with an intensity that made him slightly uneasy.

Jason noted her patent fascination for adornment: beads, brightly colored feathers, small tinkling bells, bangles on her wrists and ankles. Her soft doeskin dress and leggings ornately trimmed and immaculate. A talented healer of repute, she was a proud woman and had every right to be. She had passed his muster. Now, if only he could pass hers, strong critic that she looked to be. The idea that he should be the one to worry about acceptance actually amused him.

Kathryn spoke his full name in introduction, startling him from his thoughts. He greeted Anna with his usual precise English inflection, welcoming her, acknowledging her reputation, and ‘inviting’ her to join them. Kathryn had carefully warned him that no one dictated to Anna: they suggested or invited. This should be interesting he thought, curious as to how much English she actually understood.

“I sense you are a good man.” She cocked her head, narrowing her eyes … judging. “Yes, I believe you are good for my Ugilohi.” She continued openly evaluating him, making no pretense of doing otherwise. “Yes.” She slowly nodded approval.

With that one terse word, Jason caught himself releasing his breath, relieved—actually relieved: he had been accepted. As to her command of the English language—excellent, he noted, impressed.

Suddenly she broke into a wide smile, the myriads of tiny lines etched into her face from years of hardship falling away, leaving her youthful in appearance. She watched him intently, holding her silence—perhaps reading his thoughts—amused by his mistaken perception of her, and understanding him better than he did himself: a rather unnerving observation that left him feeling naked and somewhat lacking in the eyes of this venerable woman.

Excerpt from ‘Beyond All Reason’: Book I of ‘The Beyond Trilogy’. A new series featuring Kathryn MacLean Tarrington

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J. Winfield Curriea fresh new voice in historical romance. Adding a revolutionary twist to the Revolutionary War Era.