I Promise to Love, Honor and … Try to Obey

I Promise to Love, Honor and … Try to Obey

As the wedding ceremony proceeded, they were both calm – relaxed.

“Do you, Colonel Jason William Tarrington, take Kathryn Cameron MacLean, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love her, honor her and cherish her until death do you part?” Gazing into her beautiful green eyes, Jason took her hands in his and stated fervently: “Kathryn, I will love, honor and cherish you … always.” He paused, and then continued quietly. “Even death will not part us.” He squeezed her hands and she returned the gesture.

Although she heard the preacher’s words stating the questions to her, she could not take her eyes from Jason. “Kathryn,” the preacher droned on. “Do you take Colonel Tarrington to be your lawfully wedded husband? Wilt thou love him, honor him, cherish and obey him until death do you part?”

Clinging tightly to his hands, she fastened emotionally charged green eyes on his piercing blue ones. “Jason, I will love you, honor you and cherish you … always. Even in death we will be as one.” The preacher nudged verbally. “And Kathryn …” He paused, waiting for her to finish her vows.

With extreme discomfort she searched Jason’s face, then the preacher’s and back to Jason, who allowed just the hint of a smile to play at the corner of his lips. “And I will try my best to always … obey you,” she finally answered, looking somewhat pained. Jason chuckled as his officers struggled to conceal smirks. “Kathryn,” the preacher said firmly, beginning to reprimand her.

“Reverend,” Jason interrupted, never losing a moment’s eye contact with Kathryn, his blue eyes dancing. “I accept Kathryn’s answer as it stands. She is far too honest to agree to a promise she may not be able to keep at all times.” He winked at her as she mouthed, “I really will try.”

Jason smiled warmly, both hands encasing her ring hand. Raising it to his lips, he brushed a light kiss. An errant tear did spill down her cheek at that point and he traced it with his thumb. Never taking her eyes from Jason’s face, lower lip quivering ever so slightly, she reached back to Lieutenant Jackson for the ring. Sliding the Celtic knotwork ring slowly on to his finger, she spoke the ceremonial rite with firm assurance. Raising his hand, she cradled it to her breast. “You are my very life,” she whispered.

The preacher stood, spellbound at this moment, almost forgetting his final line. “I now pronounce you man and wife.” They turned, facing each other. At this point in time, no one else existed; only the two of them. Looking up at Jason with deepest reverence, she touched his chest with the flat of her hand. “Your heart …” she whispered, now curling that same hand into a fist against her heart, “… and mine, will always beat as one.”

He gently kissed her forehead and then began slowly tracing his thumb from her brow down along the bridge of her nose to her chin, and tilting her chin up, kissed her tenderly. “Always,” he whispered with eyes fastened on hers. They stood as if completely alone, lost in each other.

Lieutenant Jackson noted that a ritual had been born between them, a ritual that he would see many times, a powerful ritual that never failed to move him each time it was repeated.


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