The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy         –        April 2013 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy – April 2013 Newsletter

A Refreshing Approach to Historical Fiction

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I saw a small cluster of crocus the other day and breathed a sigh of relief. I had begun to feel as if I’d stepped back 35 years and was reliving that infamous ‘Blizzard of ’78’ … more than once actually, as Rockland, Mass was ‘lucky’ enough to experience 2 storms of that magnitude. A point of interest perhaps: According to local news, Worcester, Mass received the most snow of any city in the USA. Quite frankly, I don’t begrudge them holding that title, they’re welcome to it.

Don’t forget to check out The Writer’s Digest Conference East being held at the Sheraton New York Hotel if you happen to be in New York City April 5th – 7th. Drop by the  Book Gallery where “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy” will be 1 of 30 books on display with Color Catalog handouts and a few free BookStubs. It sounds to be a spectacular weekend. For more details visit:

I have just posted a new Blog: “My Name is Jack. Don’t Call Me Beauregarde!”  Lieutenant Jackson formed the third member of my formidable, so-called ‘Trio’ of 3 main characters: Kathryn, Jason and Jack. Of course, there’s Kathryn’s outspoken brother Jamie who will expect to be referred to as a pivotal character. So he’s next: Jamie to You, Maybe – But ‘Devil’s Spawn’ to Others. After that I’ll be sharing my personal approach to writing – not necessarily the ‘norm’ in how-to articles, but it works for me.

I have seen all my suggested revisions adapted into The final Hollywood Treatment for ‘Beyond All Reason’. I expect to receive the final pdf file shortly, at which time a conference call will be arranged between me (the author) and the Screenwriter. I’m looking forward to asking a couple of questions (several actually) and add one more important detail to the Screenplay- all of which I intend to share with you along the way. This adaptation has the makings of becoming a truly memorable movie, and I’m excited. But the finished product is still months away, and just like Kathryn, patience is not one of my virtues. But I am never lacking in promotional and/or marketing work that needs to be done. Besides, good weather is finally here. Time to sneak outdoors and soak up a bit of sunshine.

Your newsletter is actually a little early this month as I have a wonderful weekend lined up. My daughter, Stacey L. Virta, is flying in from Orlando, Florida, Friday morning, and will be with me until Sunday afternoon: a quick trip but eagerly awaited! She hasn’t been north for  almost 2 years, so it’ll be super to have her home. There are times when I actually like social media, especially texting. It closes the distance between us. OMG! I never thought I’d admit to that publicly!  🙂

Happy Easter, Happy Spring.

Until next month, Joan

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