The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy April 2016 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy April 2016 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice


This month, let’s talk about something other than my books, but equally as dear to my heart.

Three weeks ago I decided that it was time to begin sorting out years of stuff that has been collecting in every corner of my apartment for the past … good grief, I’ve actually lived here twenty-three years. That’s the longest time I’ve ever remained in one spot.

However, it took me until the middle of last week to build up the courage to begin the detestable task. But once I started going through boxes and drawers of old photos, I found lots of interesting stuff that you may find fascinating too.

Homestead Farm in Norwell, Massachusetts, Currie’s Fine Leather Goods, Hobart’s Landing, North River shipbuilding, and the Columbia, the first American ship to navigate the globe in 1790 and … one of several ships displayed on Old Spice bottles.

I have a picture of the Diorama that dad and I constructed for their leather shop, and three old flyer ads that I want to share with you. As I have yet to discover how to get pictures NOT to drop off the page when transitioning this into the E-mailed Newsletter … I created a BLOG. 

I hope you enjoy this change of pace. I’m pleased by the fact that the BLOG also allows you to click and enlarge any included pictures for much better detail.


Enjoy my new BLOG and its pictures. And don’t be shy about asking questions or making suggestions. 

Until next month, Joan

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