The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy April 2017 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy April 2017 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice

 This year winter had been warmer than usual up until March … when frigid, record-breaking temperatures and snow finally arrived. Although not close to the nine feet that fell two years ago, I’ve done more shoveling than I had wished to. After all, it’s supposed to be spring.

Have I shared any of my personal passions with you? No? Then I think it’s time.

WRITING: My everyday passion, food for the soul … and inspirational as inhaling the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee: Kahlua or White Russian flavors my favorites.

ARTWORK: A close second to writing … fantasy art watercolors: dragons, wizards, gnomes, seers, Celtic design and more.

Who am I Today? … Fantasy Artist or Author?

Writing novels is my forte; writing poetry is not. However, I admire the works of Stephen Crane, author of The Red Badge of Courage, my assigned reading in grade school, and a provocative poet who makes no bones about ‘telling it the way it is’.

Hope you enjoy the slightly different approach to this month’s newsletter: a fresh breath of spring.

Until next month, Joan

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