The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy – December 2013 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy – December 2013 Newsletter

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Hopefully everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving enjoying all the delicious goodies. No need to feel remorse due to over indulgence. Snow, at least in our neck of the woods, will arrive shortly; you can work yourself through your guilt while shoveling.

I’ve discovered something interesting – at least to me. Since I recently began promoting my first novel, “Beyond All Reason”, on Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn, I’ve noticed a renewed interest in sales of all 3 novels through my first publisher.  Why am I building renewed visibility of the first book? Because “Beyond All Reason” is the heartbeat, the pulse, resonating throughout the complete trilogy. And, quite honestly, with the Screenplay being reviewed for movie or TV possibilities, what’s the harm in creating greater awareness now? None whatsoever that I see.

Much of the information I’m putting out there links directly to my website: the synopsis of ‘BAR’ and an overview of main  characters, followed by each individual’s more in-depth Blog Post. Although set in the Carolinas during the Revolutionary War Era, my trilogy is both timely and relevant. Believe me, my characters share enough ‘dysfunctionality‘ to easily fit into today’s craziness – a brief dissecting of the key character’s personalities will prove that point. I’ll share all that with you too.

The synopsis of ‘Beyond All Reason”:

Meet the Key Characters:

Check back through the Archives on my Blog Homepage if you like. Lots of food for thought to enjoy over a cup of tea – or whatever.

I wish all of you safe, happy holidays. Can you believe it? We’re facing the year 2014. Still feels like I just graduated from college  – as long as I don’t look too closely in the mirror! 🙂

Until next month, Joan

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