The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy December 2015 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy December 2015 Newsletter

Novels by J. Winfield Currie: A Refreshing Twist to Historical Fiction


Let’s talk about Kathryn MacLean’s brother: James Jamie MacLean. I have been focusing on the Trio and Beyond All Reason screenplay, but have had little to say about Jamie. Although less visible, he is an important character. Throughout Kathryn’s childhood he constantly tried to shape her personality to his liking … but with little success. As she matured into the fiercely independent young woman he had raised her to be, her contrary decisions remained an ever present bone of contention between them. He considered her adoption of the British cause in the Revolutionary War to be a devastating personal affront, but her decisive donning of the British Green Dragoon uniform was the ultimate betrayal.

Check out: Jamie to You, But to Others … ‘Devil’s Spawn. This blog explains a lot about Jamie’s wartime preoccupation with his sister. If you have read Beyond All Reason you are well aware of his torment as he relentlessly tracked Kathryn and the British Dragoons throughout the war. In my book I used cameos to express moments from his point of view, hopefully for a better understanding of Jamie MacLean.

Cameo from Beyond All Reason: Jamie’s son confronts him at their campsite.

Much later that evening, in a small camp lodged deep within the swamps, Gabriel dismounted and strode through the lounging men towards a campfire set off from the rest. A lone man slouched there, alternately sipping wine and pouring hot lead into a mold to create ammunition for his pistol.

“Your sister misses you,” he said quietly to the crouched figure.

“I have no sister,” his quiet retort without looking up.

“You do,” Gabriel stated forcefully, “and she misses you.”

At that remark, his father turned tired eyes to him. “I understand you two met today.” He made a statement expecting no further explanation, and Gabriel offered none. The details of what had been said were between Kathryn and him. the business of no one else.

“She has chosen her bed. If it is cold, it is of her own making.” His voice was terse.

“Far from cold, father.” His intent was to shock … to break the icy barrier his father had erected to prevent the pain of feeling. “It is over two years and she loves that man with devotion so intense … so intense.” He could find no words to express his thoughts appropriately. “He cannot be all bad.”

Jamie eyed his son with fierce anger burning, but after a moment calmed himself and returned to the task at hand. Gabriel watched silently then turned to go tend his horse. As he stepped away, he heard the soft, painful inquiry: “She is well … and the child?”

I have almost finished Beyond the Horizon. What a trip! Talk about action, adventure, and memorable historical tidbits. Reading a book and retaining its historical facts … can actually be fun! I shall have lots to talk about next month.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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