The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy December 2016 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy December 2016 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice

What shall we talk about this month? Well … last month I featured Beyond the Horizon, the third book of my trilogy. So, how about a tease from A Matter of Destiny to pique your interest?

Despite having taken on a part time job recently, I find myself actually writing more. Considering that I wrote my first three novels while still working full-time in retail hardware, additional work away from my studio obviously renews  both my focus and organizational skills. Who knows, I might actually finish this Prequel.

Georgetown, SC 1748 Eight year old Jamie MacLean has begun to fear that this new country they have come to may not be the safe haven promised.

“When you and your parents first arrived at our farm, Charlie and I did not tell you more for personal and perhaps selfish reasons. We needed your help,” Sarah confessed.

“Jamie, you asked if problems are brewing between the Indians and new settlers, and are English endeavors encroaching upon their lands? Are the French also probing this young country’s rich acres for personal enrichment? Sadly, the answer to all three is … yes.”

Jamie sat lost in thought for several moments as his parents watched him, their concern growing. “Will this be another Culloden, someday,” he demanded hotly.

“Not yet or likely ever,” Sarah said softly, purposely avoiding eye contact with the boy and his parents.

A sudden chill raced up Jamie’s spine as a haunting vision of mangled bodies strewn across acres of death and destruction flickered … and slowly faded.

“No … not again.” With a strangled gasp he lurched towards the door, yanked it open and fled out into the darkness, swiping at spilling tears as he went.

It’s fascinating how history continues to repeat itself … usually in different locations with minor deviations … lest we remember and attempt to change it.

Enjoy your Holidays.

Until next month, Joan

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