The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy January 2016 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy January 2016 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice


I love to read, especially historical fiction. For me, history needs to be entertaining and memorable. Often, after reading the first chapter in an exciting book, I’m apt to jump to the end. I am a slow reader, listening to every word as I read. Knowing the ending lets me relax into the journey and enjoy, rather than rushing to the finish and often missing some of the storyline along the way. Besides, previewing the end of a book first can be an excellent time-saver. Try it sometime. If you like what you’ve read, return to the beginning and relish the trip; if not, simply move on to the next book on your list.

I like to blend historical facts seamlessly into my novels, spoon–feeding history the way I prefer to learn it. I never cared for history lectures in school: too many dates and unrelated events to memorize. Perhaps I should have paid more attention, for despite my Scottish ancestry I never knew that Scotland’s infamous Battle of Culloden took place just thirty years prior to our Revolutionary War. My accidental discovery of that fact provided the ideal place to establish Kathryn MacLean’s family background. Wrap historical facts in memorable scenes with unforgettable characters and I’ve got it. I actually learned and retained more factual history from writing my trilogy than I ever did while trudging through history classes.

Beyond the Horizon, the third book in my trilogy, is by far the most profound and provocative of all three of my novels. Fast-paced, emotionally charged, and teeming with historical tidbits from the get-go, you might find yourself wondering: Did that really happen? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Rather than diving into Fact or Fiction scenarios this month, why not read the following Blog to better understand where I’m coming from—if that’s possible. Spoon–Feed the Historical Facts, I Wish to be Entertained.

By the way, just like reading a book’s last chapter first, Beyond the Horizon is a stand-alone novel that, despite being part of a trilogy, would be the perfect candidate to start with. And I bet you’d go back and read the first two books out of niggling curiosity.

The Revolutionary War may be slowly coming to a close, but for Kathryn (MacLean) Tarrington, Colonel Jason Tarrington, and Lt. Jack Jackson the battle for survival is just beginning. With the Trio’s former notoriety they cannot risk being recognized. Should they attempt quietly fading into the background and reinventing themselves? And if so … how? Well, here’s where history steps up to the plate, and I think you will find it fascinating.

Next month I shall focus on specific scenarios with historical content from Beyond the Horizon and let you decide whether it’s Fact or Fiction. And yes, the Trio’s unique love story that entangled them in a triangle of passion throughout the Revolutionary War and beyond will be made clear. For it is a truly unique love story that lasted throughout their lives—based on a premise that is both captivating and believable.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Until next month, Joan

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