The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy January 2017 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy January 2017 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice


The holidays have come and gone, yet again, seemingly at a more rapid pace each year. And here we are … 17 years after the infamous Y2K bug was expected to create havoc with computer networks all over the world as the year 2000 began. 

Compared to what we’re up against today, I guess we have to consider that Y2K amounted to nothing more than an OMG! Chicken Little, the sky is falling moment. I often find hindsight somewhat amusing and great food for thought.

I have listed three of my older blogs that, depending upon your after the holidays mood, you may find interesting. Check them out and hunker down with the one that strikes your fancy. 

BLOG #15: The Revolutionary War Era is as relevant now as it was then. I like this one for its depth, but it’s a tad heavy.

 BLOG #21: The Revolutionary War and other Historical Events still Fascinate Us. Have you ever heard of the Scarlet O’Hara Syndrome? I remember coining that phrase months ago after one of my semi brilliant aha moments. lol.

BLOG # 22Spoon feed the Historical Facts, I wish to be Entertained. I use historical fact primarily as a background prop for my storyline and characters … both fictional and formerly living. By seamlessly interweaving both, the reader is willingly drawn in, suspending disbelief and often wondering which individuals actually existed. And just perhaps … they all did.

And there’s always The Beyond Trilogy  YouTube Book Trailer to reacquaint you with the infamous TRIO and brighten your day in only 53 seconds.

Until next month, Joan

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