The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy – July 2013 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy – July 2013 Newsletter

A Refreshing Approach to Historical Fiction

Novels by J. Winfield Currie

 Years ago when I was just a kid, and that’s truly many years ago, I started writing and illustrating short stories, partly for entertainment, but in actuality as a means of ‘escape’. That passion has never flickered nor diminished despite twists and turns throughout my life. Perhaps some of you may have noticed that I have not mentioned how the Prequel is going for many months. Just a couple of weeks ago, not only did that begin moving at a new high-energy pace, but also a 4th book leaped onto the desktop demanding attention. Before I tell you a bit more about those, let me share what’s occurred.

So much has changed in the Self-publishing world since I originally jumped on board in 2003 with my first book. Back then book signings, newspaper articles, radio interviews, etc. were the most common vehicles used in creating interest and/or visibility for an author and his/her books, perhaps a bit time consuming but a tremendous amount of fun. Now let’s jump ahead to present day methods of visibility, an era in which the general public is mesmerized, controlled and governed by ‘Social Media’.

Today an author’s main objective is to focus on creating and maintaining high visibility online, a somewhat daunting task requiring endless hours of staring into an impersonal computer screen. As I prefer to create my novels the old-fashioned way, handwriting on paper first, I dislike all the hours I now must spend with an inanimate object that’s definitely not a caring friend. Since “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy” was published last August, I have put in long hours dedicated to broadening my online visibility every week, a great detriment to my writing and more importantly, to me. Do I have good visibility? Oh yuh, you can easily find me in multiple listings: Twitter, 2 Face Book pages, LinkedIn, Amazon Central’s Author Page, Good Reads, Bing, Google Plus, etcetera. And, recommended as a ‘must’ for all authors, I did have The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy Blog Page specifically created by my website designer in order to maintain a unified, professional overall look. (

My Blog Page, the treasured addition to my website now that it’s been ‘fixed’, is the only social media I thoroughly enjoy. ‘Fixed’? I had the reader’s ability to make comments completely removed. Talk about being ‘attacked’ by insidious Links to Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll and oddly, Bank Loans all being attached to my Blog Site: upwards of 1,400 a week! In my Blog Posts I share my rather unique background, my approach to writing, my books and their characters and coming up soon, talking about the South Shore back in the 1950’s and 60’s, local points of interest and the likes.  If someone wishes to comment, my contact information is still readily available. As a matter of fact, “Tomahawk or Sgian Dubh – Which One’s for You, Kathryn?” is my most recent post and shares a bit of history about both weapons, along with pictures.

All that being said, I am returning to a point that will again make me glad I boldly stepped into the world of self-publishing 10 years ago; this is a journey, not a destination. My focus from now on will be my books. Yes I’ll keep up with Face Book, Twitter and most especially my Blog; I’ll be sharing more of my Fantasy Artwork and have just found some old pictures of me modeling coats for Currie’s Fine Leathers of Norwell, MA. That’ll surely bring a tear to your eye or at least a chuckle. It’s time to reclaim the original passion that has kept my creative and emotional juices flowing for so many years, and to regain my focus; my new goal is to have 2 new books out next year.

The Prequel has a new title: “A Matter of Destiny”, in which the 4 main characters’ formative years will take you on an interesting trip that leads directly into the first book, “Beyond All Reason”, at which point destiny ensnares them all in a sticky web. And as to Book IV, it begins with the discovery of 2 well hidden journals, one written by Colonel Tarrington, the other by Kathryn, a pair of unique individuals expressing their perception of the same event: Kathryn’s initial capture. Rather than getting into The Trail of Tears, the direction I had originally planned taking for the fourth book, Beau Tarrington’s questionable lifestyle will become an integral part of a convoluted tale. As a notorious Riverboat Gambler, Beau’s values tend to be oddly skewed. With his cousin, ‘Caitlin’s Bastard’, by his side, they flaunt life, living it as they see fit – no holds barred and every moment to the fullest.

The first draft of the “Beyond All Reason” Screenplay will be in my hands after the holiday, probably around the 8th. I’m excited about that and should have news to share next month. I am also planning to enter “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy” in the Virginia Library Association Book Show coming in the Fall. So all’s well in the great scheme of things now that I’ve got my groove back! Guess it’s time to go, “A Matter of Destiny” awaits and I’m champing at the bit.

Enjoy a safe, happy July 4th. If you are lucky enough to see the Boston July 4th Celebration, Susan Tedeschi will be performing, a terrific blues singer who just happened to go to school with my daughter, Stacey, in Norwell, MA. By the way, I not only came up through the Norwell School systems, I taught art there too. 🙂

Until next month, Joan

J. Winfield Currie: A ‘Colorful’ Author with a Fresh New Voice