The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy June 2014 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy June 2014 Newsletter

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June is already here – almost halfway through the year. At the moment I have several irons in the fire and feel a bit fragmented – time to prioritize and clean out old files. Oddly enough, while cleaning out old ‘stuff’, I found a small bit of line art I had created in 1979 – illustrating a poem by a poet who had not crossed my mind in many years.  It provided subject matter for a recent Tweet, one that gained me several new followers. Here’s the link for my Tweeted picture  depicting Stephen Crane’s ‘Toad’ Poem.

One of my favorite classes while attending Mass College of Art in Boston was Humanities. I loved both American and English Poetry and Prose, and still have the books. Cleaning out my old files ceased immediately upon opening the chapter on Stephen Crane – forerunner to the Realist Movement of the late 1890’s. ‘Toad’ is one of my favorite poems, and the Blog Link provides 2-3 more examples. He is a kindred spirit in his approach to life. We think alike in so many ways. He just got to say it first!

I have a great deal to share next month on my prequel: “A matter of Destiny”. I’ll raise some interesting questions that will pique the interest of those who have read “Beyond All Reason” as well as those who have not … as yet.

I’m in the process of creating 8 – 10 new Blogs for Twitter, Google +, my Amazon Author Central Page, Face Book and LinkedIn. I must admit Social Media is creating excellent visibility. When Googling J. Winfield Currie with a friend yesterday, I was astonished to find myself – and all 4 books – listed in countries all over the world. You can even Google my Colonel Jason Tarrington and … voila!

Enjoy the pleasant weather and wonderful aromas of approaching summer: Lily of the Valley, Lilacs, freshly mowed lawns, steaks on the ‘barby’ and so much more.

Until next month, Joan

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