The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy – March 2013 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy – March 2013 Newsletter

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All signs are pointing to Spring: birds are testing their ‘voices’, daylight lasts a little longer each day, and my shovel stands idly on the porch – hopefully done for this year. Soon mother woodchuck will be yawning and stretching outside her burrow, and shortly thereafter – out will tumble this year’s squabbling young brood. Mother Nature is slowly shedding her monochromatic hues for brilliant color and familiar aromas. Springtime is one of my absolute favorites.

I have just posted 2 new Blogs: ‘Meet Kathryn MacLean: Enigmatic, Dynamic, Complex . . . Vulnerable’ and ‘Colonel Jason Tarrington: Inspired by “The Patriot’s” Villainous Powerhouse.’  I wanted to say a bit about my two main characters in “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy” and will also feature Lieutenant ‘Jack’ Jackson and Kathryn’s brother, Jamie, a rebel militia leader, before changing direction. One of the upcoming Posts will discuss my creative process when writing: inspration, challenge, etc. I will also introduce Sghian Dubhs, Tomahawks and Scottish Dirks: Kathryn’s favorite weapons. Taxidermy is also at the top of the list. Visit my Blog and let me know what related subjects interest you.

By the way, if you happen to be in New York City over the April 5th – 7th weekend, check out The Writer’s Digest Conference East being held at the Sheraton New York Hotel in NYC. Drop by the  Book Gallery where “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy” will be 1 of 30 books on display. Color catalogs and a few free BookStubs will also be handed out. For details go to:

Now, as for the exciting news I mentioned last month. The first book of my trilogy, “Beyond All Reason”, has been out on the West Coast for several weeks undergoing a ‘Hollywood Treatment’. In other words, a  professional screenwriter has been adapting my book for movie purposes. Attempting to blend all 3 books into one movie would require leaving out most of the characters and create too many time lapses. Actually, the complete trilogy would work much better as a mini series for television. Who knows? That could happen someday.

“Beyond All Reason” has always been special to me, and has the potential of being a spectacular movie. From the proposed movie adaptation I recently received, the screenwriter has read my book thoroughly. As most of you probably realize, ‘a book’ and ‘its movie’ will always be somewhat different and must often omit certain aspects. As the author, I must stand back and distance myself: be objective and focus on the outcome. Is it dynamic? Does it retain the ‘heart & soul’ of my book? Would it make one helluva movie? Yes,  to all 3 questions. A good example: consider my Book Trailer on You Tube. Is it ‘spot on’ accurate in representing “The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy”? Not really, but is it dramatic … and does it pique the viewer’s interest? From those who have contacted me … apparently yes.

So, after offering a few minor suggestions, the “Beyond All Reason” Hollywood Treatment is now back in the hands of the screenwriter. When the ‘treatment’ returns and I give my final approval, a Screenplay will then begin. That process might  take several months; I fear you’ll just have to bear with me while I/We wait for the next step. However, as soon as I know, I’ll share.

Until next month, Joan

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