The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy March 2017 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy March 2017 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice

I often mention the TRIO: Kathryn MacLean, Colonel Jason Tarrington, and Lt. Jack Jackson. But what of Kathryn’s brother, without whom the dynamics of my novels would have been greatly diminished or lost.

Jamie MacLean is a complex, troubled man. When not embroiled in angry outbursts, he can be cheerful and entertaining. But when he explodes, no one is left unscathed. Anguished over his sister’s betrayal, Jamie’s pursuit of Kathryn and her ‘partners in crime’ becomes obsessive. Tracking the British Dragoons’ every move, he plots their demise—specifically targeting Kathryn. To better understand Jamie I use cameos: short scenes illustrating inner torment.

Jamie and son, Gabriel: Three sample cameos from Beyond All Reason.


“Look how she spoils that child!” Jamie spat as he observed Kathryn through his looking glass. Still licking wounds over the loss of one good man and three others injured during the previous day’s encounter, his temper was not to be tested.

However, Gabriel spoke up, undaunted by his father’s peevishness. “It seems to me she is doing for her daughter exactly what you did for your baby sister long ago, teaching her to sit a horse well at a young age.”

Jamie growled an oath but could not take his eyes from the pair, noting how well the little girl already sat the small mare. Forgotten memories swept through his mind, the lump in his throat creating difficulty in swallowing.

“Come, father, they are obviously preparing to break camp. If we stay longer, we run the risk of being seen,” Gabriel snapped, tugging his father’s coat sleeve impatiently. “Let us rejoin our men and be ready to follow.”


“She was magnificent in the battle; you have to give her that.” His father remained silent feigning deep interest in the lead balls he was casting. “I said she was …” Gabriel began.

“I am well aware of that fact: I saw her, I trained her. But why? Fighting for a cause so foreign to all she once held dear.” Jamie felt angry … betrayed.

“She loves her husband. It is his cause, therefore hers,” Gabriel countered, justifying his aunt’s actions. “She did not embrace his side just to hurt you, or out of spite. She fights in support of her husband. I doubt she even considers the actual cause any longer.”

“Well, perhaps if he were gone.”

Gabriel forced a bowl of stew into his father’s hand trying to divert his attention. “Eat your dinner, there will be many more encounters.  Tonight, we have wounded to attend.”


“They’re finally getting what they deserve,” Jamie gloated. Hunkering beside the campfire with a haunch of roasted rabbit, he eyed his son. “Morgan sure gave ‘em ‘what for’ at Cowpens. He’s a brilliant strategist, you know. Too bad his health is poorly; I sure hate to see him retiring.”

Pausing to wipe his mouth before continuing, he watched his son with growing irritation. “But Greene can finish what he and Morgan started together. Look how his forces continue to lure Cornwallis deeper into North Carolina, always staying just out of reach. And the English think they’re the ones in control. Ha!” Jamie was gleeful for the first time in many months. “They seem to be faring not quite so well, now. Worn uniforms, food and other supplies low … of course we can take a lot of credit for that.” He grinned at Gabriel. “You’re damned quiet tonight, son.”

Gabriel eyed his father in silence, unable to share his elation. Concerns for his Aunt Kathryn were all too real and painful. Without saying a word he abruptly turned on his heel and walked away, leaving Jamie shrugging.

Until next month, Joan

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