The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy November 2015 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy November 2015 Newsletter

A Refreshing Approach to Historical Fiction

Novels by J. Winfield Currie


Juggling the interlocking lives of my three main characters in the Prequel is a delightful challenge. In order to ensure that certain specific events are where they should be, I recently began reading Beyond All Reason again … purposely taking an objective attitude. What an eye opener! With artwork, the more I draw the smoother the outcome: abilities tend to improve with practice. And it’s the same with writing. I noticed a slight change in cadence and sentence structure when I continued my reading with Beyond All Odds, and I am just beginning Beyond the Horizon. Each book has its own personality, even the Prequel: similar but slightly different … undoubtedly due to lots more practice.

As you can see, what began as a quick fact-finding mission for A Matter of Destiny, has instantly drawn me back into their time once again. Kathryn MacLean, Colonel Jason Tarrington, and Lieutenant Jack Jackson: building the destiny-driven beginnings of the notorious Trio brings me endless pleasure.

Choice Bits: memorable moments from my ongoing Novel reading that Id like to share … with more to come. If you have read my books, feel free to suggest your favorite scenes. This could be something relaxing and fun to do … in between shoveling snow and spreading ice melt this winter.

Beyond All Reason: Aftermath of Gabrielle’s Difficult Breech Birth

Jason placed the quiet, but squirming bundle in the lieutenant’s arms and turned to his wife, his eyes filled with tenderness. “A clean shirt and warm blanket are what you need, love.” He sat down on the edge of the cot, bending to brush a kiss to her forehead as he began easing her blouse off, taking consideration to conceal her nudity.

“I can wait outside with Gabrielle,” Jackson suggested, sensing Jason’s concern.

But with that remark, Kathryn laughed through her exhaustion. “Jack, after where we have been tonight, I am afraid there is little more of importance to see.”

Beyond All Odds: Beaumont Estate in England-1781

Kathryn stiffened, irritated by Eugenie’s attempts at dictating which doctor should be present at her next child’s birth. Drawing a deep breath, she smiled politely at Eugenie. “Thank you, but I feel confident this will be an easy birth that I can handle myself.”

At Eugenie’s horrified look, she added, “But if there is a problem, your brother makes an excellent doctor. Gabrielle was a breech birth, a bit difficult, but we made it through it quite well, did we not?” She turned a beaming face on Jack as Eugenie’s eyes widened even further. “I understand you had a similar problem with Robbie’s birth and he helped you through that. I found that knowledge comforting when I had my difficulties. As a matter of fact …”

“You spoke of Robert’s birth outside this house?” Eugenie rounded angrily on her brother, her eyes darkening with anger.

Jack shrugged. “Not in detail of course, Eugenie.” He smiled brightly and added, “Of course, if you wish me to, I will be more than happy to clarify the details.”

Beyond All Odds: MacLean Farm, Georgetown, SC

Gabriel called his father for breakfast—waited—and called again. No response. Grabbing two mugs of steaming coffee, he kicked the porch screen door open, caught it with his elbow, sidled through without spilling a drop and let the spring take it with a loud slam. I like those  few lines: reminds me of our small camp on the North River in Marshfield, MA, many years ago. Known as the perfect spot for catching large sea bass, the fishermen who bought it named it: the Bass Hole! Good, old days … good, old humor!

Beyond All Odds: Kathryn’s thoughts upon arriving in port at Dover, England:

“Some things never change, I guess,” she commented, angling her head towards the decadent couples. “I have often experienced this type of boorish behavior in the colonies. I gather arrogance knows no nationality—nor does fish smell any less in a grander setting.”

Of course I couldn’t leave you without something to read with your morning coffee! Short and sweet … I think this one will you make you smile. Off the cuff and so me!   Author Mystique: What the Heck is that?

Until next month, Joan

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