The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy November 2016 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy November 2016 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice



Beyond the Horizon, the third book in The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy, is an action packed, standalone novel. No need to have read the first two novels. Just dive into Beyond the Horizon and let it transport you back to the bitter end of the bloody Revolutionary War.  Certain individuals must immediately re-invent themselves and fade into the background—or risk dire retribution. For the South would never forgive … or forget what they had done.

If you happen to be at a stage in life that has you struggling to reinvent yourself and adapt to the ‘now’—I guarantee you will embrace this novel. Courage, determination and passion, amidst unforeseen betrayals and… 

An excerpt: American General Nathanael Greene’s lingering ghosts.

Rudely sassed by a young British carriage driver, General Nathanael Greene turned away fuming. “That little bastard’s well aware that I am here to keep the peace, not create a greater rift,” he grumbled. He would love to make it his personal vendetta to discover the truth of that pair. The Tarringtons, as a dynamic team, had been vicious in battle—tearing into his troops, and wreaking devastating havoc.

I refuse to acknowledge their unbelievable passion to win, and unquestionable talent. They were merely one more aggravation in a detestable war. But that statement was as idiotic as it was untrue, and he felt no satisfaction. “I wonder if we shall ever know for sure,” he muttered. “In death they are as formidable as they were in life.”

Have I got a page-turner for you! Beyond the Horizon!

Until next month, Joan

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