The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy October 2016 Newsletter

The ‘Beyond’ Trilogy October 2016 Newsletter

J. Winfield Currie: A Colorful Author with a Fresh, New Voice


I had originally planned to give you my thoughts on your thoughts regarding the two ‘Beyond’ Trilogy Book Trailers from last month’s newsletter. Many thanks to the four people who took time to reply. Interestingly enough, the Book Trailers ended up in a draw.

Also of interest … a recent article from an Indie Publisher on how to create the perfect book title. Do not use more than three or four words at most, they advised. People today have the attention span of a gnat. Actually, those are my words. Being far more sensitive than I, they merely stated … ‘for today’s short attention spans’. Scary but true.

Recently, I joined Pinterest. Somewhat skeptical at first, I now admit that it’s a great way to get to know someone better. Sharing your ‘boards’ is similar to sharing your favorite photo albums: people, places, sports, artwork, meaningful events, and endless possibilities. Here’s my new Whimsical Wizard Pinterest Link. I have created thirty-one clearly titled ‘boards’ … great pictures … no reading required. And some of my subject matter might surprise you!

Until next month, Joan

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